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Teton Mobility Corridor Improvements | Idaho Projects


Thank you for participating in our online engagement.

This online meeting presents the Teton Mobility Corridor Improvements in Idaho.

Idaho Projects Overview

View the map below to see the six proposed projects along Highway 33 in Idaho.

Map showing proposed projects along Hwy 33

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Construction Timeline

Construction of the six Idaho projects will occur between summer 2023 and late fall 2025.

Driggs Transit Center: Summer 2024; Driggs/5th Street: Summer-Fall 2025; ID-33 to Airport: Summer-Fall 2023; Old Jackson Hwy Bike Lane Striping: Summer 2024; ID-33 at Baseline Rd: Summer-Fall 2024; ID-33 Turn and Passing Lanes: Summer-Fall 2024.

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Driggs Downtown Transit Center (Phase 2)

The existing parking lot at the Downtown Driggs Transit Center is 100 percent full in the winter months. Even in summer (when walking and biking is a more viable option), 43 percent of START riders boarding in Driggs drive to catch the bus. This indicates that parking capacity is a limiting factor for transit ridership. Improvements include the construction of 52 additional parking spaces and a second bathroom facility for transit riders.

Schematic showing new parking lot west of the Driggs City Center and north of Ace Hardware.

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Driggs 5th Street Park-and-Ride

During the winter and summer season, START operates the Grand Targhee shuttle service, with funding from the FTA 5311 program and the Grand Targhee Resort. Service is provided seven days a week from November - April and from June - September. Expanding and formalizing the parking capacity at the 5th Street site is important to support future growth in ridership on this service. This project will add 47 additional spaces serving an estimated 78 people per day.

Schematic showing new parking lot near the intersection of S 5th Street and E Gemstone Avenue.

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Greater Yellowstone Trail: ID-33 Pathway to Airport

This project will extend a pathway alongside ID-33 approximately 0.6 miles from its current terminus to the Driggs Airport. This pathway would be part of the Greater Yellowstone Trail vision and connect to over 14 miles of pathway that currently exists along ID-33. Due to the lack of pedestrian crossing opportunities and narrow shoulders along the highway, this pathway will provide an important and safe connection for bicyclists and pedestrians between the busy general aviation airport and the rest of the community.

Schematic showing proposed pathway along the west side of Highway 33 near the Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport

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Greater Yellowstone Trail: Old Jackson Hwy Advisory Shoulders

This project will stripe advisory shoulders on Old Jackson Hwy to link existing and planned sections of the Greater Yellowstone Trail. Advisory shoulders create dedicated space for pedestrians and bicyclists on low-volume rural roads that are unable to provide separated facilities such as sidewalks or bike lanes. Wayfinding signage will also be installed in coordination with the advisory shoulders to promote and brand the segment as part of the regional Greater Yellowstone Trail.

Advisory shoulders create usable shoulders for bicyclists on a roadway that is otherwise too narrow to accommodate one. The shoulder is delineated by pavement marking and optional pavement color. Motorists may only enter the shoulder when no bicyclists are present and must overtake these users with caution due to potential oncoming traffic.

Cross-section of roadway showing 4.5-foot-wide advisory shoulder and 11-13-foot-wide center two-way tranvel lanes.

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ID-33 Baseline Intersection Turn Lane and Pathway Underpass

The ID-33/Baseline Road intersection includes the addition of left and right-hand turn lanes to improve safety and capacity. The inclusion of left and right turn lanes can increase approach capacity by up to 25 percent. These improvements will require the realignment of the ID-33/Baseline Rd intersection and the extension of a pedestrian undercrossing that currently connects pathways below ID-33.

Schematic showing proposed turn lane re-alignments and pathway re-alignments at ID-33 and Baseline Road.

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ID-33 Turn and Passing Lanes

The ID-33 Turn and Passing Lane projects seek to improve safety and operations through the construction of turning lanes at seven intersections along ID-33. A passing lane will be provided for approximately 1.6-miles from milepost 151.35 to 152.9. Passing lane improvements provide added capacity and safety measures, especially due to the variety and mix of commuter, recreation and trucking traffic along ID-33. These improvements will benefit freight traffic, transit, and commuters traveling between Teton Valley, ID and Jackson Hole, WY

Typical Turn Lane improvements along ID-33 and 4500 South.

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Typical Turn Lane improvements along ID-33 and 8000 South.

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